Diana's Wizard of Oz Litter

Diana & Red are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl named Dorothy. She had a curly, velvety coat that shines!

Dorothy will be ready to go home the weekend of September 19-20th.

On to the pictures!


Dorothy arrived at 11:31am - we were up all night with Diana! She has a curly coat with a little white chest and white back toes. She weighed in at 6.8 oz at 1 hour old.

Sweet Puppies

We were heartbroken to lose Diana and Red's 4 other puppies :( They passed away before they reached a week old. Newborn puppies are so small and fragile, and though everything possible was done they did not make it. Our vets were unsure why, and were unable to diagnose them since you can't draw blood from puppies so young and fecals were negative. We'll miss all of them, our little Toto, Lion, Munchkin, and Glinda.

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