Guns & Chocolates Litter

I'll be posting videos here of the puppies as they grow. We have some indivual and group videos posted below, but here's the first one. It's from up high looking down on all the puppies playing:

Now let's go see more puppies!

Coco Coco

Coco - Reserved by Waitlist

Coco is a sweetie pie with those big cocker spaniel eyes that just stare up at you-making you fall in love instantly. She'll likely look a lot like Diana when she grows up due to her having the shorter build from Kip and the straighter fur than her sisters. Keep scrolling to see a video of all the girls playing.

Hershey Hershey

Hershey - Reserved by Waitlist

Herhsey is a pretty gilr that I think will like a lot like a curlier, chocolate version of Lettie. She's already the tallest puppy in the litter and has the cutest curls developing. Keep scrolling to see a video of all the girls playing.

Nestle Nestle

Nestle - Reserved by Nolen Family

Nestle inherited almost all the chocolate color out of the three girls, I think she just wanted to be the curliest and chocolatest! Such a cutie, she takes after the poodle side of the family.

Here's a video of just the girls:

Smith Smith

Smith - Reserved by Weiland Family

Smithy wanted to be opposite of Nestle, so he's a smoothcoated puppy who takes after the cocker spaniel side of the family. It's amazing how different they can be from the same parents! He's a sweetie pie :)

Wessen Wessen

Wesson - Reserved by Gordon Family

Wesson has the thickest coat of the bunch. He's a charmer already, just look at those eyes! I put him in a little jacket for the video below and poor Wesson hated it. He was so cute in it though I couldn't resit.

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