Royal Ladies Litter


Reba & Red outdid themselves with this beautiful litter of puppies. There are 6 girls, born Jan 21st in the wee hours of the morning. I'll be posting videos and pictures here as the puppies grow. Pick day will be Feb 29th and they will be ready to go to their new homes March 17th.

These puppies will likely be around 12-17 lbs fullgrown, with the smaller puppies at 8 weeks often staying closer to the 12 lbs and the larger puppers being closer to their mothers size. As they get older we'll see more of their size differences become noticeable. Coatwise they will all be fluffy with some being more curly like a poodle (best for allergies) and others having a coat like Reba. All will be nonshedding.

Families & Reserved Puppies:
Sugarbear (Duchess)
Davis (Countess)
Rico (Lady)
Santiago (Queen)
Magelky (Princess)
Cliett (Baroness)

Video taken at 57 Days Old

Video taken at 46 Days Old
I actually got them to pose for the camera :)

Video taken at 33 Days Old
Look at all those wagging tails!

Video taken at 25 Days Old

Video taken at 15 Days Old

Video taken at 9 Days Old

Video taken at 2 Days Old

Now let's go see some puppies!

Coco Coco Coco Coco

Countess of Cuddles

Wavy Coat. Countess is such a pretty girl with her paws and color! At 2 weeks old she weighed 2 lbs.

Baroness von Bellyrubs

Wavy Coat. Baroness is our biggest puppy and body-type wise is more cocker-like than some of her sisters. At 2 weeks old she weighed 1 llb 14 oz.

Nestle Nestle Nestle Nestle

Duchess with Da Paws

Wavy Coat. Duchess is striking with her colors! She's on the petite side compared to her larger sisters. At 2 weeks old she weighed 1 lb 8 oz.

Smith Smith Smith Smith

Queen Elizabark

Wavy Coat. Queen and Countess are both very close in size! At 2 weeks old she weighed 1 lb 14 oz.

Wessen Wessen Wessen Wessen

Princess Kissalot

Wavy Coat. Princess is a gorgeous girl with a petite face, she's on the smaller side of the puppy weight chart at 1 lb 11 oz.

Smith Smith Smith Smith

Lady of the Lap

Curly Coat. Lady is our smallest puppy, she'll probably take a lot after her Toy Poodle Sire. At 2 weeks old she weighed 1 lb 5 oz.

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