Flower Power Pups Litter

Wow, look at those beautiful faces! Sundae and Jiminy are the happy parents of this sweet litter. There are 3 girls and 1 boy, born Jan 24th in the afternoon. I'll be posting videos and pictures here as the puppies grow. They will be ready to go to their new homes March 20th.

These puppies will likely be around 14-20 lbs fullgrown, so far Marigold is the largest of the puppies with the other three weighing about the same. Coatwise they will all be fluffy with all being wavy and nonshedding. Jiminy puppies do darken with age so we expect to see the girls Red markings become brighter like their sire Jiminy.

Now let's go see some puppies!

37 Days Old

26 Days Old

5 Days Old

Zinnia - Firstborn Female - Reserved by Tarpley Family

Marigold - Middle Female - Reserved by Rose Family

Primrose - Smallest Female - Reserved by Murry Family

Aster - Male - Reserved by Dyer Family

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