Wild West Litter

Jojo & Kip did it again! They have a gorgeous litter of striking parti puppies. The theme for these puppies is one from a western game, anyone recognize it? They were born Jan 30th just after 10pm. On nights like this we know we'll need coffee the next day before going to work :D My husband had texted when I was on my way home from work that Jojo was starting contractions, but she waited until I was home too before having her little ones. I'll be posting videos and pictures here as the puppies grow. Pick day will be March 7th and they will be ready to go to their new homes March 26th.

These puppies will likely be around 16-23 lbs fullgrown. Coatwise they're all coat types, we've listed their coats in the details below. You can visit our Facebook Albums of past Black Parti and Chocolate Parti Cockapoos.

48 Days Old

37 Days Old

31 Days Old

25 Days Old

19 Days Old

6 Days Old

2 Days Old

Read on for more details about the puppies:


Chocolate Female - Wavy Coat
Adorable big spot on her head! She was firstborn at 10:27PM.
Sadie is reserved.


Chocolate Male - Wavy Coat
Chocolate head with narrow stripe, much smaller than his big sister. Born at 10:38PM
Arthur is reserved.


Black Female - Wavy Coat
Huge white Blaze, she's a beauty! Born 10:50PM
Abigail is reserved.


Black Male - Wavy Coat
So many spots! Just like his momma Jojo. Born 11:06PM
John is reserved.


Tricolor Female - Curly Coat (Poodle-like)
Tan points and a lot of color. Born 11:23PM
Mary is reserved.


Black Parti - Smoothcoat (Spaniel-like)
. Tilly is reserved.

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