Planned & Current Litters

Mother Nature can be hard to predict! Please be patient with us as far as planned litters. When we say we have a planned litter several things have a to work out just right for us to have puppies available. First we wait for them to come into heat (every 6-8 months), hopefully get a successful breeding, and then wait to see if they are pregnant. Puppies are born 63 days after breeding, and are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old.
Puppy Prices: $2400-$2800.

Waitlist is Open! Go to Bottom of this page for more information

Bred Litters

For these upcoming litters the Waitlist will have 1st pick, and any available puppies will be posted on our Available Puppies page. More information about the waitlist is posted below the list of planned litters.

Puppies Puppies
Gabby & Ricco - Cocker x Poodle (F1)
Born: February 1st
Puppies Go Home: March 29
Coats: Wavy
Colors: Reds, Apricots, Creams
Estimated Adult Weight: 15-20 lbs
Gabby & Parker's Past Litter (Different Stud)

Puppies Puppies
Annie & Parker - Cocker x Poodle (F1)
Due: Feb 20th, Comfirmed Pregnant
Puppies Go Home: April 17th
Coats: Wavy
Colors: Partis, Black Tris, Sables, Phantoms, Merles.
Estimated Adult Weight: 12-18 lbs
Annie & Parker's Past Litter

Puppies Puppies
Merry & Red - Cocker x Poodle (F1)
Due: Feb 22nd, We'll confirm at the end of January if she's pregnant.
Puppies Go Home: April 19th
Coats: Wavy
Colors: Reds, Apricots, Creams
Estimated Adult Weight: 12-18 lbs
Merry & Red's Past Litter

Puppies Puppies
Ginger & Ricco - F1B Cockapoo x Poodle
Due: March 7th, confirming in mid February
Puppies Go Home: Around May 2nd
Coats: Wavy & Curly
Colors: Reds
Estimated Adult Weight:12-15 lbs

Puppies Puppies
Jenny & Kado - Cockapoo x Cockapoo (F2)
Due: March 17th, Confirming pregnancy in early March
Puppies Go Home: Around May 12th
Coats: Wavy and Curly
Colors: Solid Reds, maybe small amount of white on chest or toes.
Estimated Adult Weight: 18-25 lbs
Jenny & Kado's Past Litter

Puppies Puppies
Rosie & Ricco - Cockapoo x Poodle (F2B)
Due: March 27, Confirming pregnancy in Late Feb
Puppies Go Home: Around May 22nd
Coats: Wavy and Curly
Colors: Solid Reds, maybe small amount of white on chest or toes.
Estimated Adult Weight: 15-20 lbs
Rosie & Kado's Past Litter (Different Stud)

Fall/Winter 2023 Planned Litters

Annie & Parker - Merles, solids, tris. Her Last Litter!
Confetti & Parker - Merles, solids, tri
Jenny - F2 Reds, Jenny's last litter!
Gabby - F1 Reds/Apricots
Lydia - F1B Bernedoodles
Penny - F2B Reds

2024 Plans:
Most of our current moms are retiring at the end of 2024, so next year may be your last chance if you want one of their puppies. These are the dogs we plan on breeding:

Meadow - Red F1Bs
Merry - Red/Apricot F1s
Ginger - Red F2BBs
Pebbles - Chocolate Tricolor F1s
Havana - Chocolate Tricolor F1s
Confetti - Merles, Tricolors, Chocolates F1s
Gabby - Red/Apricot F1s
Rosie - Red F2Bs
We also have Future Moms that could be bred for 2023 puppies. You can see them on the page Future Moms. It is too early to say on the timing of these litters, but we are excited about the next year!

Puppy Waitlist Information - Updated 1/30/23

Name Male/Female Color Preference
M Murphy *Waiting for Summer/Fall Female Red Abstract
L Pinto *Waiting for Summer/Fall Female Black or Red
S Brown *Waiting for Annies Female Black or Chocolate
A Spears *Waiting for Summer/Fall Either Red or Cream
J Campbell Either Any
A Stretch Female Any
R Price Either Any
S Ibarra *Interested in Gingers, then Gabby or Merry Female Red or Cream
C Mendoza Either Any
R Johnston *Interested in Merry or Ginger Female Red or Cream
K McLaughlin *Interested in Ginger or Jenny Female Red, Cream, Sable
B Ayoola *Waiting on Annies Male Blacks or Chocolates
C Clark Male Any
C Deyo *Deposit Pending Male Red or Black Parti
M Zengerle *Likes Jenny & Kado Litter Either Red/Apricot
B Kancherla Male Any, Smaller
M Johnson Male Wavy Coat

Waitlist is Now Open! Click Here to Join

Why get on the Waitlist?
Most of our puppies are picked by Waitlist families. We like to use a waitlist as families have time to prepare for bringing home a new puppy and it helps us know what our families are looking for. If a puppy is passed on by the waitlist then we'll post them on the Available Puppies Page as available. This is more likely to happen if we have multiple large litters around the same time.

When the waitlist is open you can get on the list for a future litter by filling out a Puppy Application. The application link is posted above. Once I receive it I will reply and send you a link to place a $100 Non-refundable Deposit using Paypal to hold your place on the waitlist. Please allow up to a week for a reply. We do not offer payment plans.

How You Pick A Puppy
When a litter is born our Waitlist families will pick in the order of deposits received. When the puppies are around 6 weeks old families can either come pick their puppy in person or they can choose from pictures and videos. Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks old.

On average we've a 3-6 month wait for puppies. Red Females tend to be the longest wait. Your deposit is good for 14 Months, after which time you are removed from the list.

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