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Click any of the headings below to see the text. If you have questions about how to care for your puppy or what to buy then visit the Puppy Care Page where we have articles on Shopping Lists, Puppy Care Tips where we answer puppy questions, and Your First Day article for tips on bringing you puppy home.

Visit our Planned Litters page to see what litters we expect to have for the year. Puppies are normally reserved before birth by our waitlist, so we recommend getting on the waitlist in order to secure your pick of a future litter. You can also follow our Facebook page at Sugarbear Cockapoos for updates.

Puppies cost between $2400-2800 depending on color and markings.

Yes, you can see the form Here. If your veterinarian finds a health problem within the first 72 hours of receiving your puppy then the puppy may be returned for a full refund provided you have a written statement from your vet outlining the reason(s) for return.

If a life-threatening genetic or hereditary defect is found by 1 year of age then we can offer you a second puppy at no cost when one is available. While this cannot truly compensate you we hope that a new puppy could bring happiness to your family. A written statement from your vet must be provided outlining the issue(s), and agreeing that it is life-threatening to the puppy. Depending on the situation a second opinion will be required.

The numbers are used to designated the generation of Cockapoo.
F1 Puppies are First Generation, Cocker x Poodle. They will have Wavy coats.

The F1B Puppies are Cockapoo x Poodle. They will be either Wavy or Curly coats.

The F2 Puppies are Cockapoo x Cockapoo. They can be either Curly or Wavy.

You may have noticed a difference in the coats as you looked at pictures of Cockapoos. This is due to the mixing of genes from Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. Some puppies will have poodle-like Curly coats as adults, others have the traditional cockapoo Wavy coat. Either coat type will be non-shedding, long, and fluffy. The Curly Puppies are best for allergy sufferers, but if you only have slight allergies to dogs then you should also be fine with a Wavy coat.

All of the puppies will be born looking very similar as far as their coat, but as it gets longer you can begin to see the differences.

F1 Puppies will have Wavy coats, but the amount of wave/curl can vary from ringlets to almost straight. We won't know until their adult coat comes in at 7-9 months how much wave their coat will have.
The F1B Puppies will be either Wavy or Curly coat puppies.
The F2 Puppies can be Curly or Wavy Coats.

We are located near Wharton, TX. It's a small town so it may help to think of us as 1 Hr SW of Houston. Normal driving time from Austin is 3 hrs, Dallas is 6 hrs, and San Antonio is 3 hrs as well.

We prefer to have families pick their puppies up in person, but if necessary we can arrange a Flight Nanny to fly your puppy to your closest major airport. Shipping is around $600 but can vary based on flight distance. Flight nannys can fly with your puppy in the cabin of the plane and meet you at the airport. We also have worked with ground transportors who drive puppies to their new home.

All adult sizes are only estimates due to differences in individual puppy growth and size. We can make an educated guess based on the size of the parents, but on average are F2 Puppies are between 18-25 lbs, and F1 or F1B puppies are normally between 12-20 lbs.

We do Genetic and OFA testing with our breeding dogs. This includes OFA Patellas, Cardiac, and Eye Clearances. Genetic testing is done to insure puppies do not have genetic diseases like PRA. For more information visit our Health Testing page.

Yes they are. Puppies receive a Neopar Vaccine against Parvo Virus at 5 weeks old. They go to the vet at 7 Weeks old for a their first puppy vaccination of DHPP. They also receive a complete checkup that includes listening to their heart and lungs, checking for hernias, feeling their joints, and checking eyes and ears. DHPP is their first Puppy Shot and after they come home with you they will need to continue to receive booster shots until they are 16 weeks old and fully protected. Read our Socialization Schedule to see what your puppy can be exposed to safely as they grow.

The puppies are eating either Science Diet Small Breed Puppy or Pro Plan Focus Puppy Chicken & Rice. When you reserve a puppy we'll let you know which one they are eating.

Unfortunately puppies cannot be fully housetrained at this age. That being said, we do try to help your puppy learn the basics of housetraining while he is here. From the beginning we change their bedding frequently, this combined with Mom's care helps them keep a clean environment. Next we introduce the puppies to litter boxes at 2-3 weeks old just as soon as they're able to move on their own. They take to this very quickly as it's natural for them to not want to go potty where they sleep. Once they are running and walking around at 5-6 weeks old we let them us the dog door to an outside grass pen. They learn by following Mom and soon develop a preference for going potty outside. We also work with them as a group when they're in the house by taking them outside frequently for potty breaks. Visit our Puppy Care page for more tips on continuing your puppy's training.

Your puppy is ready to go to their new home at 8 weeks old. When this date falls in the middle of the week many families prefer to wait and pick their puppies up on a Friday or Saturday so they have more time to spend with them. You are welcome to pick them up during the week as well if it is convenient for your schedule. We discourage families waiting longer than a week to pickup their puppy as the 8-12 week window is a critical time for puppy socialization and your puppy will adjust to its new home better if it is introduced to all the new sounds, smells, people, and routines before it reaches 12 weeks old. If you are unable to pickup a puppy at 8 weeks old you can pass your deposit on to the next litter.

No, we do not dock the puppies tails. Normally tail docking is done at 3 days old before the puppies have fully developed nervous systems, and when done at that early age it is a minor procedure puppies quickly recover from. We have had families ask about tail docking but because our puppies are not picked out until they are 6 weeks old we can't say in advance which puppies will be available for you based on the waitlist. The only exception is for the family that is 1st for Males or 1st for Females. If you have 1st pick and when the puppies are born decide on your puppy, then we can dock their tail if you prefer.

Cockapoos will normally need grooming every 4-6 weeks. If left longer their fur grows in front of their eyes and the long fur on their body can form tangled knots called matts that can make it uncomfortable to walk and run. Because of this the longer you keep their fur the more often they will need brushing and grooming. They normally require no brushing if their fur is kept short. The price of a groom normally ranges from $40-80 dollars depending on your location and the groomer you take them to.

Our cockapoos with Curly or Wavy coats do not shed. Hair breakage can still cause a few hairs to come out when brushing, but unlike other shedding breeds you will not find fur clumps in corners or on your couch and clothes. Your puppy will have a puppy coat until it is 7-8 months old, and you can see hairs coming out with their puppy coat as they're transitioning to their adult coats. Smoothcoat cockapoos can shed.

This question is a hard one to answer due to the fact that personal preference or experience with past dogs normally decides the answer for you. I have owned both males and females that were either cuddly and affectionate or more reserved. Both sexes will have their individual temperament and personalities which are more important than sex. If neutered before 6 months of age the males will not lift their legs or mark. Females can be spayed by 6 months and they will not come into heat, which is a 1-2 week period every 6 months where they will bleed and males will try to breed them.

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