Here you can find videos of our dogs doing what they do best...being pets! We don't believe that having puppies should mean their lives are any less fun. To that end we have many games of fetch, cuddles on the couch, car rides, and even canoe rides. These are just some of the moments that I captured on video, there were many more but my dogs seem to sense when the camera comes out and stop being cute to come over to see what I'm up to. I still got a few good videos in though!

Mira and Reba Playtime

Jojo & Lettie

Jiminy, Sundae, and Journey on Valerie's Porch. Plus a couple more of her furbabies!

Car Ride!

Pool Time


Canoe Rides and Playing Outside -- in the Texas 1 in 10 Year Snow!

Diana playing fetch, rolling around, and playing tag with her dad Kip

Catching Treats...or Trying To

Singing Puppies

What Happens if We Have Large Puddles-- or "The Reason for Bathimes"

Reba Eating a Pancake - She was a pregnant mommy here

Mira and Reba Playtime, then just Reba dropping her toy off the couch :P

Puppies Chasing Mom wwwwwaaayyyy out into the Field

Jojo's Puppes Jumping Hurdles in slow motion

Rolling in the Grass (Baby Diana & Mom Lettie), then everyone running in the house

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